Dessert Fondue Sauces Recipe

Dessert Fondue Sauces Recipe

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Rich dessert fondue is a delicious finale for informal meals when something sweet seems apropos.

The hostess simply prepares a small batch of sauce and serves it with a tray or platter of bite-sized bits of fruit, cookies, cake, and/or candies for dipping.

Only utensils needed are a small cocktail fork, regular fondue or salad fork, or sturdy bamboo skewer, and a dessert plate.

A special dessert fondue set is not essential for “proper” service; almost any small container will do. A flameproof dish—a cereal or soup bowl is usually the perfect size—may be placed atop the range over direct warm or low heat with no danger of scorching the sauce or cracking the dish. When the sauce is smooth, remove it to an electric trivet or set over a candle warmer.

Just remember to keep the heat low since these rich mixtures do have a tendency to scorch easily.

The following recipes provide the just-right touch to appease the sweet tooth. After trying these to get the feel, you´ll probably enjoy experimenting on your own.

For dipping, allow approximately 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit for each serving, plus 3 or 4 split ladyfingers or 4 to 6 bite-sized cubes of cake. About 1 cup of sauce is sufficient for 6 servings. Sugar and cream, ideal with almost any fruit, form the base for four of the sauces. Each has a mildly defined flavor distinctly different from the others.

Powdered Sugar, Orange-Honey, and Butterscotch sauces seem to go best with well-ripened peaches, pineapple, bananas, seedless grapes, strawberries, raspberries, papayas, and mangoes; Burnt-Sugar Caramel complemented all these fruits except mild papaya.

Swiss Chocolate Fondue lays the foundation for a great many variations. For assured success, just remember to use a good-quality chocolate and be careful that it doesn´t get too hot.

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