Today is the worst period to live because of the downgraded soil properties of the earth. Because of the pollution,unsustainable farming practices, overproduction of crops and the use of many harmful pesticides and herbicides all depletes the soil of various farms. What does it mean? It means that the nutrients that we consume are not 100% healthy and nutritious compared from 50 years ago, even if that certain food are said to be organic.

So the food that we eat contains less minerals and vitamins which leads to malnutrition to global population. Plus you add various factors that can help get your health into trouble. This includes lifestyle, stress, unhealthy foods and many more. One of the most debated health issue is the microwave cooking method.

Microwave cooking and its health hazards are one of the biggest issues involving health risks to humans. It’s been 50 years and various scientifical studies are already been laid out to the public with the bad reality of using microwave ovens.

One of the research conducted with regards to the health effects of microwave was in 1992 in Stanford were they discovered that the heat emitted by microwave destroyed most of the nutrients in mother’s milk. Aside from the effects, the microwave warming also eliminated all the disease protecting properties of mother’s milk, making the supposed to be nutritious milk for infants less effective.

Microwave ovens can also contaminate your food with carcinogenic toxins through your food plastic plate or paper containers. When you say carcinogenic, it’s a substance that can alter your body’s cellular structure which can lead to the development of cancerous tumours inside the body.

Several health agencies reported that there are an alarming number of numerous toxic chemicals that can be triggered by microwave heating. This is through some unhealthy packaging materials of some commonly consumed foods including popcorns, chips, pizzas, pastas and many others. Harmful chemicals that were found includes polyethylene terpthalate, benzene, toluene and xylene. Aside from that, heating fatty foods such as pork fats, beef and burgers in a plastic containers can release the harmful dioxins into your food. Dioxins is a form of carcinogens which causes cancer diseases.

Plastic containers all have bisphenol A or simply known as BPA. This compound is an estrogen-like compound which is the most commonly used substance in plastic wares. Unfortunately, microwave ovens requires this plastic containers for food warming and cooking purposes. This makes your food unhealthy.

Microwave heating primarily distorts the molecules of any food you place into it. Once heated, all the essential nutrients of that product will be eliminated and will also cause it to form harmful substances such as carcinogenic toxins. A well-publicized case against microwave heating was the blood tranfusion case in 1991 were a woman died from a microwave heated blood.

So the next time you prepare any food especially instant food products, I suggest that you prepare it with your normal oven and avoid using microwave appliances. Although using microwave gives convenience and comfortability, you have to highly consider your health over these benefits.

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