A sweetheart’s mother made this spread years prior for our Teen Club Luncheon back in Iowa during the 50’s. I requested that her advise my Mom how to make it. I made the formula for my children while they were growing up and regardless they adore it. Sweet relish and eggs round out the kind of bologna in this basic however delectable spread. Serve it on mixed drink toast, or use it in sandwiches. The measure of egg, smooth plate of mixed greens dressing and relish ought to be acclimated to taste.

Gracious stunning! I thought my grandma was the just one to make this stuff. On the off chance that my father and I are visiting simultaneously, you’ll generally discover one of us sneaking to the kitchen to get a touch of it. I’ve attempted to copy it yet at the same time have never taken care of business.

She utilizes Miracle Whip diminished with a little piece of milk, and just cleaves up sweet pickles while handling the bologna and eggs.

I have a compartment of it in my refrigerator at this moment. This may sound peculiar, yet the most ideal approach to eat this in a sandwich is with a couple of potato chips directly in there with the bologna plate of mixed greens.


1 lb.bologna

4 boiled eggs

3-4 sweet pickles

Salad dressing or mayo


Pound bologna,( I just diced it genuine little at that point take a fork and crush it the remainder of the way) eggs and pickles. Combine and include enough plate of mixed greens dressing or mayo to soak.

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