99 Years Old Time Ginger Beer Recipe

99 Years Old Time Ginger Beer Recipe

This is a recipe I found in my mother’s recipe collection. She had cut it out of the newspaper many many years ago and stuck it into her special book.

It’s another very easy one to make without a ginger beer plant. The ingredients are a little “odd” which I will point out as we go along. An experiment to be sure!

Ingredients Part 1:

4 gallons (18 liters) water

3 lbs ( 1.3 kg) sugar

½ lb (250 g) ginger chopped and bruised

2oz (60 g) cream of tartar

1 teaspoon of lemon essence

Method Part 1:

Put all the above ingredients in a boiler and bring to boil, then simmer for 3 hours. Remove the chopped ginger when slightly cooled.

Ingredients Part 2:

1 cup of yeast ( whoa !!!!!!!)

Whites of 2 eggs ( What !!!)

Method Part 2:

Mix the last two ingredients in thoroughly and let the brew work.

Strain and bottle and let stand for at least 24 hours.

I would say this recipe was originally for remote locations where you could not get fresh lemon back in those days and there were plenty of them here in Australia back in 1911.

who has made a recipe like this using them. I read recently about a lady who used them and had a scum floating on her brew. Although you generally get a “frothy topping” of some kind when making ginger beer I would be very wary of them when using egg whites especially if it smells not quite right. I think this is where it pays to have a good nose. If it doesn’t smell ok then discard. That applies to all ginger beer recipes.

I think after a while you just know when they are ok or not.

I have not made this recipe but will do so to see how it turns out. I Will report back when I have. In the meantime, if anyone decides to make it then please let me know how yours turns out and we will put an update on here to show how it did or didn’t……..hopefully did!

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