Donkey Balls

Donkey Balls


2 bundles sickle rolls pref rich seasoned

1 16 oz cream cheddar, don’t utilize fat free… they r appalling

1 bundles jimmy senior member hotdog (standard size)

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1 little new onion… minced


cook wiener, garlic powder and onion until darker and daintily firm.

channel wiener.

does not hafta be washed

take room temp cream cheddar and wiener blend. I don’t include salt and pepper in view of spread seasoning in rolls.

unroll bow rolls and cut bow down the middle to make a triangle.

take a teaspoon of the blend and spoon into every sickle roll. at that point wrap blend up into little ball ensuring the blend is fixed inside.

spot balls on the treat sheets and prepare for 8 minutes. Try not to BURN BOTTOMS.

cool for 3 minutes should make around 40-48 balls.

a commentator proposed that she needed to cook them longer (14 minutes) … so it might take longer relying upon size..

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