Company Chicken Casserole

Chicken meals are my top pick, at whatever point I run over another formula, I attempt it immediately! This is the most recent one I’ve attempted, look at it.

You’ll Need:

4 boneless skinless chicken bosoms.

1 cup of chicken stock.

2 cloves of garlic.

2 wedges of onion.

4 cups of pepperidge ranches herb prepared stuffing blend.

1 (½ cup) shape of margarine, fat free

1 can cream of chicken soup.

1 half quart of harsh cream, diminished fat.

8 oz of defrosted solidified broccoli cuts (discretionary).

Step by step instructions to:

In a skillet, heat to the point of boiling the chicken bosoms, juices, garlic and onion over medium high warmth. Turn down the warmth to medium and stew secured for 15 to 20 minutes.

Take out the chicken and shred it with a fork. Hold the juices.

Soften the margarine in a goulash, blend every one of the fixings and prepare until brilliant dark colored.


Simple, peasy and tasty! I made this meal twice, and it was a triumph. Give it a shot and let me comprehend what you think.

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