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    OK Boys & Girls it’s Brisket time. BBQ beef brisket recipes are amazingly straightforward and simple. In fact, as in most smoked brisket recipes and for almost any authentic bbq meats it is more about technique than any printed recipe. So, this beef brisket recipe will be more of a guide than a step by […]

    This is a great bbq chicken recipe. It is called the Dixie Chicken; you can call it what you want but I’m sure after you make it, you’ll call it crazy good. And the best part: it is very simple- with 3 steps: Step #1 Brine your birdie. Use this simple brine recipe… Now, as […]

    Cooking great steaks is surprisingly easy, but some like to make it complicated with basting, and excessive directions. It is really simple- heat meets meat. But, there are some alternatives to think about – like what characteristic you’d like your steak to have and does the size and cut of steak lend itself to the […]

    Smoked Prime Rib is not something you automatically think of when you think of BBQ. But, you should. Smoked Prime Rib could easily take the place of the guitar any day of the week. While not common, prime rib is popping up in more and more BBQ restaurants. In Texas, all of the Rudys bbq […]